Friday, March 19, 2010

New Pick Up Line

It used to be you met members of the opposite sex by hanging out in bars. But, times have changed. Today you meet men or women in cyberspace, either on Yahoo Personals or You can also meet them in person through a speed-dating system where you talk with someone for five minutes and then are moved on to the next person, in a kind of Russian roulette. And on rare occasion, you can meet someone in a cafe, standing in line at Starbucks while waiting for your perfect morning drink to be concocted by a barrista (which sounds so much better than having coffee served up by a waiter).

I met a few cuties today, in Starbucks. Two males, two females (at my age, I'm not picky). One of the females had a pink headband with a bright pink bow on top. Her eyes lit up and she smiled at just about anything I said to her. The other female had two short dark pigtails that stuck straight up and big eyes as dark and deep as a moonless night that just stared straight into mine. The two males, who appeared to be brothers, paid less attention to me, but were very cute. With pale skin, light brown hair and blue eyes, casually dressed, with flip-flops on their feet, they were talking and focused on their drinks in the styrafoam-subsititute coffee cups in front of them on the table while I stood in line to order. Unfortunately, they had left by the time I finished ordering my drink or I would have tried to strike up a conversation with them. But no, their mom was in a hurry, and scooped up the younger of the two while the older brother followed them out the door.

Weekday mornings at my local Starbucks is definitely the place to be to meet the younger generation. (What happened to all those folks who used to queue up at Starbucks before they headed off to work on weekday mornings?) I did strike up a conversation with the pink headband girl's mother outside the store, as we waited for the light on the corner to turn green. But, it is quite obvious to me that I am going to have to revamp my pick up lines if I actually want to take any of these cuties home with me.

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