Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Green I Am

Today I received an email from the Sierra Club regarding two local talks on adopting low-energy practices in our daily lives. Most of us believe we are on the green bandwagon, and we talk the talk, but do we really walk the walk? I will find out for myself next week how green I am.

I have a new place to live in a shared housing arrangment with a single mom in her forties and her son, who is 22 and attending the local community college. He wants to double major in business and environmental science. Lofty goals, and I applaud him. He is big on recycling. But when I mentioned the possibility of planting some flowers in a large, brick-outlined circle of dirt in the backyard, he said he was planning to use the dirt circle for a fire pit. Huh? Isn't there a bit of a disconnect here? He wants to major in environmental science, but he does not see any conflict between his environmental philosophies and adding yet more wood smoke to our already polluted, very smoggy, suburban Bay Area air?

A bit later, I told him I'd help him out with some of the many on-going yard projects that he is working on, but I would not help out with the fire pit because I have asthma and wood smoke makes my asthma worse. This is the god's honest truth, but I hope the underlying message also gets through.

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  1. I thought wood smoke was green enough, it's all natural. But I understand about the asthma.