Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fair Tidings

I am going back to California, and my beloved Bay Area.

I am leaving this coming Friday morning and arriving in San Francisco on Monday, February 1st. No, I am not circumnavigating the globe to get to SF, I am just making a stop in North Carolina on the way. A good friend of mine, someone I met in high school but have not seen in 18 years, lives in NC, as does my youngest sister.

So for the next 48 hours, I will be madly packing and trying to get my life in order. You wouldn't think that "packing" would take that long to do, since I arrived with only a suitcase (well, two suitcases) to begin with, but, you would be wrong. Sadly, I have left many things to the last minute, or at least, to the last 48 hours. Weeks ago my dad asked me to hem a pair of his slacks; these same slacks still sit, unhemmed, on a chair in my bedroom. I borrowed my brother-in-law's QuickBooks tutorial CD weeks ago, and it is sitting on the desk I have called my own for two months, so far unplayed. The family photographs I so painstakingly framed for my Dad for Xmas sit still un-hung on the floor in the hallway. My sister-in-law left me a coat to pass on to my brother, or brother-in-law; the coat sits in my car (although it did come in handy for me last night when temperatures plunged and I was not adequately dressed for weather after sunset). Yes, I still have loose ends to tie up here in Connecticut, not to mention making shuttle reservations to get to the airport in NYC, and a car rental reservation on the North Carolina end.

So, I am taking several day's hiatus from writing in my blog. If I have time while I am in NC, I will certainly return to share my day's musings with the world, or at least those who care to check my blogsite. In the meantime -- Fair Tidings, Faithful Readers. I shall return.

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