Monday, January 4, 2010

Groundhog Day is Nearly Upon Us

I have been thinking....after reading a few blogs of new moms and dads...of young moms and dads juggling several kids ...of my own memories as a naieve young mother, harking back to the days when I could be fearless almost to the point of foolishness. While my own experiences were many, many years ago, lately I have been feeling inspired to write about those those days when I was a younger version of myself.

After all, Groundhog Day is coming up soon. Groundhog Day is second day of February, for those who don't keep track. Unfortunately, Groundhog Day is a much overlooked holiday in many parts of the country, but it is almost revered in many of the the colder regions as a possible harbinger of an early spring. (Yes, it is a highly unscientific ritual, but after two months of below freezing temperatures, those of use living on the frozen tundra will grasp at straws to keep our spirits up and focused on the warmer weather that we know is just around the corner, even though astronomically the first day of spring is yet a good six weeks away.)

Groundhog Day is the day my son poked his head out of his warm cocoon and saw his shadow in the glare of electric lights at 10:20 pm, but elected to stay above ground anyway. Groundhog Day is the next major holiday on the calendar (after Martin Luther King Day, that is). Stay tuned.


  1. I can see why Groundhog day holds special meaning for you!

  2. It definitely does have a special meaning to you!! I am an Aquarius as I can bet your son keeps you on your toes!!