Friday, January 1, 2010


The friend who encouraged me to start a blog, and who has a blog of her own (, has an excuse for skipping a few days without posting any new musings on her blog. She has a newborn baby, and a sick toddler, excuse enough even without the sick toddler part. Me, I came down with a bad cold on Christmas Eve and have since developed a mean sinus headache that will not quit, despite days of decongestants (the "real" kind, the kind they make you promise to give up your firstborn son for, the kind they keep behind the counter at the pharmacy so bad people can't make illegal drugs out of it), massive doses of Tylenol (yeah, I know this stuff is toxic to the liver, but the ever tightening band of wire around my skull could well be toxic to anyone within punching distance), the fairly benign saline nasal spray, and the daily much-looked-forward-to neti pot sinus cleansing (in some countries, this is also known as nasal water torture).

I spent New Year's Eve on the floor of my sister's living room, alternating between being mesmerized by Matthew McConaughey and covering my eyes with my sweatshirt from the glare of the TV screen. Laptop screens, TV screens, bright lights, and loud noises all bother me tremendously when I have this kind of headache. But its kind of like being on a twisted rope swing as a kid; you don't feel dizzy until you get off, and then, watch out, that first step is a doozy.

Yes, I am trying (hard) to make my readers feel sorry for me. I hope it works, because I don't want to lose my fledgling blog following. Bear with me; the lingering post cold sinus headache doesn't usually last more than two or three weeks.


  1. I'll stick with you til you're healthy. You have great credentials (Crazybabymama's) ha ha.

    I hope you recover soon, it's a bitch getting sick like that.

  2. just throwing it out there... but I hate when people feel like they have to apologize for real life getting in the way of blogging.... of course I am admittedly a terrible blogger myself,(who also apologizes for her lack of posts often) so maybe you shouldn't take my word for anything.
    My point is don't worry, most people who follow you will read when you post regardless of how often it is. I love reading your posts,you have a great way of relaying your meassages, so I hope to see them often. But give yourself a break and feel better soon! pressure! : )

  3. I hope you feel better soon!!! We'll still be here when you get back - no worries!!


  4. we're not going anywhere.

    feel better soon!