Monday, January 4, 2010

Kudos to CVS

I never thought I would say this, but Kudos to CVS! I have never been a fan of CVS, especially since they took over the Longs Drug Store chain in California, after which it seemed to me that the products I was searching for were always temporarily out of stock, or in some cases, no longer carried altogether. In addition, while they claimed to have kept the Long's employees on their payroll, it seemed strange to me that after the takeover, the store personnel turned over rather rapidly in "my" local drugstore at the end of the block, the store I shopped in at least once a week for five years.

However, the local CVS in my dad's hometown now has hand sanitizer at the check out register, for customers to use after they press their fingers on the touch pad or hold the plastic stylus to sign their names on the screen, and in the process, pick up about a zillion germs on their fingers. Someone must have read my earlier blog article on Germ Warfare and taken it to heart, or else they themselves got sick and suspected the technology at the checkout counter of spreading the virus.

I am not totally convinced I will ever "like" CVS, but I have to admit that this small courtesy is a step in the right direction towards customer satisfaction.

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