Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Find the Right Person

We spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to find the right person. We spend hours reviewing profiles online and go on innumerable, boring coffee dates in search of that person. However, most of us don't marry someone after only one dinner date. We usually spend weeks, months or even years in the company of that other person before "tying he knot". For good reason - it is difficult, and painful, to undo that knot once it has been tied.

Certainly, finding a lifetime mate is a very good reason to spend signifcant amounts of time, money and effort on the process. But, many of us spend more "awake time" at work than we do with our "significant other". So, it baffles my mind that, in order to get a job that we could end up staying at for years, we spend such little amount of time on the interview process.

Send in a resume, spend an few hours in an interview, and bam, if you are lucky, you are hired. Many people end up working in jobs they hate, for managers they cannot stand, for companies they do not respect. It seems to me there should be just a bit more "dating" in the hiring process before signing on that dotted job offer line.

Yes, separating from a company is defintely easier than going through a divorce, especially if you are moving on to a better position. But if the pairing is less than ideal, leaving a job can still be a painful process, regardless of whether you are laid off, fired or quit.

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