Sunday, June 6, 2010

Walking on Water

My most humiliating experience ever....hmmmm, this will take some might have been the time I was at a party and "walked on water" (right across the built-in Olympic-sized swimming pool cover, much to the horror of the host)....or it might have been the time I was being given my annual gyn exam, and thought I'd tell a joke to ease the tension....and I didn't realize until afterwards that my male gynecologist's last name was Dworski, and of course I had told a Polish joke....or it might have been the time I was 14 and had my hair wrapped around my head trying to straighten my Shirley Temple curls in the midst of a humid East Coast summer, when the teenage boy I had a crush on knocked at the door (I locked myself in my bedroom and would not come out)....

But you see, I'm 56 now, almost 57, and embarassing things happen every day....but the good thing about being over 50 is that I no longer remember all of the embarassing things I did yesterday, or two years ago or even ten years ago.....and, in addition, it takes a lot more to embarass me now than it did when I was younger (mainly because I no longer give a damn most of the time). Obviously, I am not going to win this contest.

Besides, I don't think I am any match for the story about the toddler and the vibrating teething ring snatched from the bedroom drawer (see "")

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