Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving On

There are "things" which we all go through in life, things that move us through the various stages of our lives - graduation, moving, marriage, moving, career changes, moving, children, moving, divorce, moving, re-marriage, moving, retirement, moving, death of a spouse and more moving. It seems like are always doing these two things: growing older, and moving.

Some of us move more than others. A rare few live all their lives in the same house (my grandmother comes to mind). We move across the country, around the world, down the street, to another state. We rent, we buy, we share living spaces, we live alone, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by default.

In the end, we all move on to our final resting place - in a coffin in the ground or ashes dispersed over land or ocean. In the end, our physical body is recyled and becomes just a different part of our ever expanding universe.

During our lives, we make friends, start families, start careers, change careers, change friends, change families. All throughout our lives, as we move, we move on with our lives, whether intentional or forced. Friends and lovers come and go. Lovers break up with us, friends die and we are forced to move on.

Move on. Two words, so simple, and yet so complex.

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  1. wow, this post knocked the wind right out of me.

    poignant and true.