Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy Girl

This California Girl has been very busy lately (the reason for my recent lack of postings). Chorus performance last Monday night (no, I did not sing but I had a very important role as after-party planner), final exam in Corporate Tax last night (I was woefully unprepared but hopefully I passed), and half my trip to Europe fell through at the last minute so I have been scrambling for where to go for ten days in July. (I did manage to buy Rick Steve's book on Amsterdam, although I have yet to crack it open.) Yes, its been a busy and stressful week.

I leave on vacation for New York tomorrow, Friday, with much planning left to do for my trip to Europe, for which I leave a few days later. The good thing is that I have not had much trouble finding places to stay in Europe. This is not good for the global economic picture, but its good for me.

I just wanted to let my faithful readers know that my blog is likely to be quiet for the next few weeks. I return to my beautiful California the last week in July. Hopefully I will have many new adventures to write about. Until then my friends, until then.

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