Friday, April 15, 2011


It was bound to happen sooner or later I suppose. Collateral damage from a break. I should have expected it, because its happened before. The thing is that the collateral damage hurts more than the original break.

Two years ago I had a falling out with a friend. Our disagreement remains unresolved, mainly because he refuses to get together to talk about it. But the sad part is that he took his family with him. By "family" I mean his young children, who lived with me for four years ,who I no longer see. A year later, his 20 year old niece was all of a sudden no longer talking to me after seeing him at a family wedding. I had been very close to this particular niece since she was born. The rejection stung.

What the heck did I do that was so terrible you might be wondering? Nothing in my opinion. Lets just say his (new) wife was very jealous of me (for no reason I might add). "He" was my housemate, nothing more.

And now, its happened again. I tried to say in touch with his daughter-in-law after she moved to Israel, but she is a busy mother of two very young children. She used to read my blog posts. She used to send me emails occasionally to see how I was doing. "She" is the daughter-in-law of my ex-boyfriend. Now she is "liking" photos of my ex-boyfriend on Facebook - photos of him with his new girlfriend.

I have been replaced. And that hurts.

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