Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm not referring to the hot dog, or the Grouch. I am talking about THE Oscars. The awards are happening tonight, and like every year, I'm not watching. You know, the red carpet welcome, the Hollywood stars strutting their best (dresses) and their borrowed (jewelry), lame jokes from the hosts, one long (yawn) celebratory event revolving around movies I've never seen and actors I've never heard of.

This year, while the statuettes are handed out, I find myself watching a movie that just happened to be showing on TNT - "Saving Private Ryan". While I am generally not a fan of movies with a lot of violence, I love this movie. Its a movie I insisted my 16 year old video-gaming son watch when it first came out in the theater so he would understand that the reality of war is far different from the wars portrayed in video games.

"Private Ryan" is a movie about a subject no one ever wants to live through. It a movie about war at its ugliest, war up close and personal. No one is spared in this film. Even the leading man ends up dying. Its the only movie I ever saw my dad, a World War II veteran, tear up while watching.

It won five of those little statuettes in 1998.

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