Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I just dropped my sister off at the San Jose airport. She is continuing on to Pasadena for a work related conference. My year-younger sister lives outside of New York City, and she usually visits for a few days every year or two. We do some sightseeing, some relaxing and hanging out, some eating out at nice restaurants, and usually spend some time with my two cousins who live in the Bay Area. This year was no different, except that after three days, I am absolutely beat! My feet hurt, and I have that tired feeling you get after spending the whole day in the sun at the beach.

Our schedule was rather relaxed, as in we didn't get out of the house before noon any of the three days she was here. But we did some strenuous hiking, some serious shopping, and spent a lot of time in the California sun (and wind). Ocean beaches, redwood forests, Sausalito, San Francisco, and Los Gatos. It may be that I am just not used to being a tour guide, trying to think up new places to go, driving all over the bay area, and hopping from one scenic place to another. But I really think that the "shopping" we did today tired me out most of all. (She "shopped"; I looked for chairs or benches where I could rest my weary feet, or ran back to the car to move it before it was ticketed, more than once.)

So tonight, I am going to cook up some pasta (gluten-free foodies, eat your heart out), put my feet up and vegetate in front of the TV, watching my favorite show, NCIS. I think I've earned it.

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