Friday, May 7, 2010

My Three Men

There are three photographs on my glass dresser top, photographs of "My Three Men".

On the right is a black and white photo of the man who has been in my life the longest, my Dad. It is his yearbook photo taken when my Dad was a senior in high school. My Dad was quite the handsome guy back in 1943. My Dad is alive and well in Connecticut, now 84 years old, active in his church, volunteering in his community and playing golf when the variable East Coast weather cooperates.

On the left side of my dresser top is a photo of Tim Shannon, who died about a month ago, on April 6th, of an apparant heart attack, in his own home, at the relatively young age of 49. I still cannot believe that my good friend Tim is no longer part of my life, that I won't get a response to my email to "tjshannon", that Tim won't suddenly emerge from the double doors and stride down the auditorium aisle to the stage where he taught drama for 24 years.

In the middle of these two photos is a photo of my son, Sean, at age 17, his senior yearbook photo. Sean was killed in an accident nearly ten years ago, in October of his senior year in high school. I will always love my son and will feel the loss of his presence every day of my life. I would gladly give up my own life if Sean could have his life back. I think any parent, anywhere in the entire world, would do the same.

These are "My Three Men". Each of them will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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