Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its Over

Tim has been "waked", his body shipped to Illinois, and funeral held. His body has been buried in the ground, a hole dug in the earth, in a cemetery in his boyhood town. An amazing Memorial Service has been held at the high school where he taught for 24 years, a fitting tribute to a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. All the services and ceremonies, which we humans need to help us through the grieving process, are over.

Tim is gone.

And yet.....I find that I am still in disbelief. I have gone through this grieving process before, having lost a son, my only child, when Sean was only 17. I know well the many different stages and faces of grief. I know of many things I can do to help myself through this process. I wish I could leap six months into the future, and skip the heartache which is the constant traveling companion of grief. I know leap-frogging time-travel is not an good alternative in the long run for dealing with this process we call grieving, and yet, I do so wish for sweet relief.

Tim, you left us far too soon. I miss you terribly already. Sweet dreams my friend, sweet dreams.

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