Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tim is dead.

There I said it, I wrote it in black and white. But it still does not seem real.

Every time I see the Fremont High School home page, and see Tim's photo, and the "news", I am taken aback. Every time. I just keep thinking if I read "the news" often enough, it will sink in, but so far, it hasn't.

The words are incongruous. Tim is...working in the auditorium, mowing the lawn, brushing the dog....but not, "dead". Being dead is not doing something; being dead is doing nothing. And how can Tim be doing nothing?

I asked him once, when he was staring off into space with a far off look on his face, what he was thinking and he said "Nothing". You can't be conscious and be thinking about "nothing", unless you're dead.

So now, my dear friend, I guess at last you truly are thinking about nothing, nothing at all.

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