Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blog Ideas

Blog ideas - where do they come from? Where do they go?

Tonight, I got an idea while waiting in line at the local yogurt hangout, the yogurt hangout in the pink building at the end of the main street in town, with the long line out the door, as is the case every Friday and Saturday night. On a Saturday night, waiting in line takes at least 15 minutes. Early in the evening, there are lots of little kids running around; later in the night, its mostly adults, with a high proportion of teenagers hanging out in groups, sitting in plastic chairs outside on the back cement patio and joking around with their friends.

I couldn't help but eavesdrop on the two young couples ahead of me in line, even as I watched a group of three teenage boys, in khaki shorts and sneakers, sitting in white plastic chairs near the door. Right front of me stood the two twenty-something couples, one obviously married and pregnant, the other one obviously "a couple", facing my direction. I don't know what led up to this particular point in their conversation, but the young man facing me suddenly stated that "its been reported that most men get married just to have regular access to sex", according to an article he read in some men's health magazine.

I don't think I have very many regular male readers out there in cyberspace, but I am curious if this statement is "true" or not. Is this what most guys really think? I am not sure that my readers' husbands or significant others will cop to the truth if asked directly, but in this day and age of letting it all hang out in cyberspace, maybe you can ask some of your "friends". You know, some of your 500 closest friends on Facebook.

I'll be watching for an interesting article on this subject on one of my reader's blog sites in the very near future.

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  1. You know this has come up in conversation occasionally. Single guys tend to be jealous of guys in relationships because they can have more (& better) sex. Guys who are taken are only jealous of the single guy when they feel the "ball-and-chain" aspects of a relationship and they lose some personal freedoms. However, when a guy finds the girl he doesn't mind being tied to, and she gives him his personal "okay" amount of space, that's when he'll put a ring on her finger - because he doesn't need to look anymore. Most guys (excluding the overly-immature ones), when they think about marriage, sex is the second thing on their mind. The first is the girl they just want to hang out with. That's my take on it - from the college scene. I suppose later on in life guys may either settle more often or simply snatch a woman up quickly when they find a match. It may take a more experienced mind to explain the relationship between older guys' marriage proposals and easier access to sex.