Monday, August 23, 2010

Life Stage

I feel like I am going through one of those "stages" of know, one of those gawky, low self-confidence stages, with glasses and braces. I am sure you what I am talking about....the bodily changes of middle-age, the bi-focals, and dentures....I mean, braces.

Yes, I am actually wearing braces. Invisalign to be precise. Not because, at age 57, I am concerned that my teeth are not perfectly, celebrity straight, but rather in the hopes of reducing uneven tooth pressure that may be contributing to my receding gum problems. (Now that sounds more like a 50-something type of problem.)

If this procedures does not help, I may be prematurely in the market for dentures at some point in the not too distant future. And instead of taking my Invisalign braces out in order to eat, I will be putting my dentures in.

A sobering thought. And a very good incentive to wear my Invisalign braces 24-7.

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