Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Is Time

Now that I suddenly have the time, internet access and correct blog password, I have nothing much on my mind to write about. Hmmm......

Why are men I meet from Yahoo Personals (aka Match.com, etc) so condescending, as if they are god's gift to women? (Which in my experience, they clearly are not.) Why do men from Yahoo Personals who are relatively short, usually "embellish" their profiles by adding a few inches to their actual height? Do they think I won't notice that they are several inches shorter than I am when I meet them, or did they just forget to wear the shoes with the three inch lifts? (At 5'4", I am not all that tall; you have to be quite short for a male to be shorter than I am.) Either I am happy to date someone who is shorter than I am, or I'm not, and I'm definitely going to notice the discrepancy when I meet Mr. Not-Quite-As-Tall-As-I-Was-Led-To-Believe. (By the way, I have found out that I am definitely not happy to date someone who is shorter than I am AND who lies about it.)

Moving on to a completely different topic:

I am currently reading a biography about Julia Child, which is a bit strange because I am not a gourmet cook by any means, and I have never watched her cook on television (spoofs on Saturday Night Live excluded). But I did just watch the movie "Julie and Julia" (or maybe its "Julia and Julie", I'm not really sure) after which a friend of mine dragged me into a bookstore. Usually I don't have to be "dragged" into any retail establishment that sells the printed word, but I recently swore that I wouldn't buy any more books right now, having recently spent a good deal of money on paperbacks of various types, some of which remain un-read in a box in the trunk of my car.

I have boxes and boxes of books in my storage unit. Why pay $100 per month in storage rental fees in order to keep books that I have already read, or probably will never read? I believe it is time for the Great Book Give Away. I have recently given away most of my son's childhood favorites to a friend who has small children. I admit that I kept a few for memory's sake, but most of these childhood stories have moved on to delight other children.

When I have read what I consider to be a wonderfully written book, I am, more often than not, likely to give that book away to a friend to read. The books that remain, packed in boxes, are but a small fraction of those I have read and loved and passed on to others.

I think that it is time to part with those remaining books that have been left sitting in the darkness. It is time for them to see the daylight, to be thumbed by human fingers, for their pages to be scanned by human eyes, for their words to paint pictures in human minds, of adventure, sorrow, fear, mystery, delight, and passion.

It is time to pass those books on so that others may savor the tales which only the written word so deftly imprints in our minds and in our hearts.

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