Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Xmas Dad

I just had a great idea for a post, I really did, and somehow, on the walk back from the kitchen to the bedroom where my laptop resides...poof!....its gone. I hate that, I really do. Getting older is such a drag sometimes. And I'm only 50-something. What the heck was that dang idea?

Oh, was about "good ideas". Duhhhhh. That is, it was about ideas that SEEM good at the time. You see, last week sometime, I replaced the totally worn out and seriously ripped door mat my dad had on the doorstep outside the family room door, the door that all my family members use to come in and out. So I just trotted down to Walmart and bought a cheap rubber replacement mat. Tossed the old mat in the garage for my dad to take to the dump/recycling center. A week and about 20 frigid degrees later, I find that replacing the mat is not such a simple matter. The snow on the uninsulated family room roof is very slowly melting and the gutters have a few leaks (I always wondered how icicles formed), one right above that family room door. For two days now, I've dislodged a rather large icicle each morning when I opened the family room door to admire the whiteness blanketing the front lawn. At first, I was like an excited ten year old (an icicle! an icicle! I ALMOST licked it. Hey, that's what you do when you are a ten year old in winter in Connecticut.) Today when I trudged up the drive to get the morning newspaper for my dad (and admire the excellent work I did shoveling the icy mush from the top of the driveway late yesterday afternoon), I noticed as I carefully worked my way down the still-icy-in-places driveway that the downspout next to the door is totally covered in ice, like a miniature frozen waterfall. And that cheap rubber doormat I bought? Totally covered in ice and slick as a skating rink.

I think I will have to pony up the money and go to the LLBean website to buy a SERIOUS winter doormat, one that can take a licking from the merciless east coast weather. Merry Xmas Dad.

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